The Callisto Program's

2023 Callisto Summer STEM Institute (CSSI)

What is the CSSI?

Mentored by MIT interns, UChicago interns, JHU interns, and other leaders of the community, middle school students (rising 6th through rising 9th) will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and research opportunities. In order to expose the next generations to STEM, the 2023 Callisto Summer STEM Institute (CSSI) will teach students about developments in robotics, CAD, energy efficiency, power grids, valuable programming and computer science skills, innovative electronics skills, and useful mathematics and aerodynamics. 

Why us?

The CSSI offers benefits like no other program

Unlike other STEM programs, the CSSI uses three core pillars to truly engage with its students and create the next generation of innovators: interactive lessons, hands-on activities & challenges, and research.

Throughout the CSSI, students will learn about challenging STEM subjects and apply their knowledge in the real world by attempting to solve real world problems. This challenges range from bridge building and aircraft design to developing software that can connect us to our friends!

Interactive Lessons

By involving students in our engineering, science, computer science, and math lessons, they can feel more accomplished and comfortable with the material.

Hands-on Activities & Challenges

Students are given the opportunity to solve challenging problems with a team. They face constraints that real leaders in the STEM industry face: limited time and resources. By driving the students to innovate, they can implement their knowledge gained during the lessons and practice their collaboration and leadership skills.

Research & Scientific Experimentation

During the CSSI, students have the opportunity to choose a topic in STEM of their choice complete research and perform scientific experiments. By the end of the 2023 CSSI, students will have a finished research project they can use to find internships, improved their investigative skills, and learned about a subject they truly enjoy!

One Immersive Week.

One Immersive Week.

CSSI is an immersive summer program is an intensive program that provides students with a hands-on learning experience in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. During this program, students are immersed in a variety of STEM activities, including lab experiments, coding projects, and engineering challenges. Through these activities, students are able to develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and learn to work collaboratively with their peers.

other benefits to the 2023 cssi

Becoming a Callisto Scholar

All students that complete the 2023 CSSI will become a Callisto Scholar, which means they will have official research and high-school level STEM experience. They will also have access to:

CSSI 2023 Information

Schedule and tuition

Week 1 (8/7 - 8/11)

Morning Session

9 AM - 12 PM

Afternoon Session

1 PM - 4 PM

Week 2 (8/14-8/18)

Morning Session

9 AM - 12 PM

Afternoon Session

1 PM - 4 PM


Security Deposit: $50 by July 20th
Tuition: $250 by August 1st

Important Dates

1) July 17th: Registration due
2) July 20th: Security deposit, liability & contact form due
3) August 1st: Full tuition due
4) August 7th: Week 1 begins
5) August 14th: Week 2 begins


Howard County Library or Community Center - Depending on which cohort your student is assigned to, he/she will attend the CSSI at a different location.


The 2023 CSSI is a one-week STEM immersion program that offers a morning and afternoon session. In the registration form, please indicate which weeks and sessions your child is available as well as your preferred week and time. Depending on availability, your student will be assigned to a specific slot.