What, why, and how do we do it?

Revolutionizing STEM education like no other.

We work and engage with the next generation of innovators, creators, and leaders

By running STEM programs, workshops, and intramurals, providing research opportunities, and working with the community to bolster math, science, and engineering education, we are working towards a brighter future in which people of all background have access to STEM resources and education. 



1. Interactive Lessons

We concentrate on involving our students in the lesson and having them be a PART of the teaching process through interactive activities and teamwork.

2.  Hands-on activities and challenges

Team competitions, challenges, and problem-solving activities test the skills learned during the lessons and strengthen collaborative and STEM skills, as well as helps students apply their knowledge to the real world.

3. Research opportunities and scientific experimentation

We VALUE research. It is a core pillar of STEM and is crucial to training tomorrow’s leaders in STEM. In every Callisto program, we allow students to complete scientific research on a topic of their choice and conduct experiments with the help of highly trained mentors. 


We help our students apply STEM topics to every part of their life and promote inclusivity and equity in STEM.


With the future fast approaching, the Callisto Program strongly believes in developing ethical STEM fields.


Changing the status quo is what we are about! To do that, we give our students the room and resources they need to explore!


The Callisto Program involves teamwork in every activity and improves students' leadership skills.

We want to inspire the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, engineers, creators and innovators
We are here to train, collaborate, and engage with our students and better prepare them to become the STEM leaders of tomorrow.

More than just educators

The Callisto Program ensure safe and collaborative environment where students can cultivate new interests in STEM and get ahead in the world's emerging technology markets.